Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging

Digitalization has significantly improved the quality and efficiency of work in dentistry.

It requires little space yet offers high performance.

Digitalization has led to high efficiency and space savings in all clinics and hospitals, including dental offices. 

In addition, digital tooth imaging has resulted in high-quality images and stable X-rays, eliminating the need for processing them in a darkroom. The imaging process is clean, and the diagnosis can be made quickly and efficiently.

This medical imaging system has become the new standard for every serious medical institution.

What are the advantages of digital imaging?

Patients typically visit the dental office every six months. Digital imaging allows for careful monitoring of tooth transformations. The development of cavities or the degree of tooth wear is recorded at different stages. In addition to photographically recording the patient's teeth, devices sometimes offer the possibility of treatment simulation. Furthermore, communication with orthodontic colleagues and dental technicians is improved with digital dental photography.

Detailed imaging is essential for examination, diagnosis, and treatment determination. The image shows spots, cracks, wear, erosion, cavities, etc. The dentist can distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue by capturing the proper color intensity.

Our dental office also has a tooth imaging machine. This greatly facilitates the treatment of your teeth and saves you time. You do not have to go somewhere special for imaging. Just walk to another room, complete the short imaging process, and return to the chair. Your dentist will already have the image on their monitor at that time.

We use the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D imaging machine, representing the best and most advanced dental equipment in aesthetic dental design.

We are pleased to offer you the service of digital imaging - OPT imaging of both jaws and individual imaging of each tooth with a digital sensor. Our machine provides the highest quality image with the lowest radiation dose. The imaging process is comfortable for the patient and prevents incorrect positioning, reducing the need to repeat the process. It is done quickly and easily and takes about 14 seconds.

t contains many panoramic and 3D views, and its X-ray programs facilitate accurate diagnosis.

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