Orthodontics - Fixed braces

Orthodontics - Fixed braces

Orthodontics is a clinically specialized branch of dentistry that deals with treating irregularities in the growth and development of the jaws, as well as correcting irregular tooth positions. .

Correcting irregularities in tooth position reduces the risk of caries, periodontal disease, and joint disorders and improves aesthetics.

Orthodontic treatment is carried out both in childhood and in adults.

In childhood, between the ages of 5 and 7, performing the first orthodontic examination is necessary. With the use of removable plate appliances, we can completely correct irregularities or reduce them to a lesser extent and prepare them for fixed brace therapy.

In addition to plate appliances, myofunctional appliances are significant for correcting bad habits (thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and the like) in childhood.

In adulthood, orthodontic therapy is carried out with fixed braces that are placed on the teeth, and brackets can be metal and aesthetic (ceramic, sapphire braces).

Regardless of age and type of braces, each patient is approached individually, which means that a clinical X-ray examination, impressions, and photographs are taken - an analysis is performed based on which the therapy is determined. The patient is informed and instructed on all details during the treatment.

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