Mobile Prosthetics

Mobile Prosthetics

Good teeth are important for chewing and digestion. At the same time, they also have a significant aesthetic role, as the appearance of your teeth largely determines your overall facial appearance. A bright smile with beautiful teeth is the first thing that catches someone's eye. However, practice shows that many people postpone the production of mobile prosthetics and remain with unattractive teeth for a long time. This is not necessary today. The dental office "Estetika Dent" can help you professionally and quickly. We make customized dental prostheses that fit your face and your personal preferences.

We offer all types of mobile prostheses:

    • Classic total prostheses with reinforcement,
    • Prostheses with technoid crowns (made of Teflon
    • Skeleton prostheses (metal) with various types of clasps, bars, and connectors,
    • Total prostheses,
    • Prostheses with milled crowns,
    • Prostheses with telescopic crowns, and
    • The possibility of making movable bridges.
mobilna protetika

Dentistry distinguishes between full (total) and partial (partial) prostheses.

A prosthesis replaces natural teeth when lost due to decay or periodontal disease.

Making new prostheses usually requires multiple appointments with the dentist. The dentist and dental technician must go through several steps with one patient so that the dental technician can model an adequate replacement for natural teeth. During these appointments, jaw impressions are taken, and the patient's bite is adjusted when they are made.

The goal is primarily the function of the dental prosthesis and new teeth, but their aesthetic appearance is no less important.


The patient needs time and perseverance to learn to eat and speak with the prosthesis. The duration of this adaptation period varies from patient to patient, but it can last up to three months.

Maintenance of mobile prostheses

The prosthesis must be well-maintained and regularly brushed. Many dentists recommend that the mobile dental prosthesis be removed at night to allow the tissue to recover. The prosthesis can be cleaned in a container with water and vinegar overnight. Special tablets for cleaning and maintaining dental prostheses are also available at pharmacies. 

Certain foods, medications and the like can cause discoloration or stains on prostheses. Examples include wine, tea, coffee, iron supplements, and tobacco.


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