Fixed Prosthetics

Fixed Prosthetics

Fixed prosthodontics is a complex branch of dentistry that deals with replacing missing teeth for various reasons, such as tooth decay, severely damaged teeth that cannot be treated conservatively, inadequate bite, injury impossible to treat conservatively, inadequate bite, injury, periodontopathy, abrasion, congenital deficiency or some developmental irregularities, etc.

Based on the complete oral situation or condition of the mouth, certain fixed restorations such as crowns, bridges, and similar ones are made. crowns, bridges, etc.

Types of Crowns and Bridges

  • Classic cast bridges with ceramics
  • 3D metal-ceramic bridges
  • Multilayer metal-free full zirconium bridges
  • Zirconium faceted with glass ceramics that give extraordinary transparency to teeth
  • Veneers (composite, ceramic)
  • We would particularly like to emphasize beautiful polycarbonate/temporary crowns that are reinforced with a metal wire, can withstand several years, and have an affordable price.


For almost all restorations, we use intraoral scanning/imaging, while a tray impression is still used in specific situations. After each completed preparation, whether for a crown or a bridge, the patient receives provisional (temporary) teeth included in the price of the work.

fiksna protetika

What is a Fixed Prosthesis?

A fixed prosthesis is a prosthesis that is attached to 4-6 scraped existing teeth or implants (artificial roots) in your upper or lower jaw.

The word fixed says it all - the fixed prosthesis is stuck, not removable from the mouth, and does not move in it.

Of course, keeping your teeth and molars is best, but unfortunately, not everyone can. If you want to preserve the feeling of your teeth, the choice is not difficult: choose a fixed prosthesis. You will not notice any difference compared to using your own teeth.

Types of Fixed Dental Prostheses

The type of prosthesis suitable for you depends on your personal situation. We will agree with you and find the best solution for your case.

What are the advantages of Fixed Prostheses?

The advantages are multiple:

  • You have the feeling of your own teeth thanks to the fixed construction,
  • Your new teeth will not differ from the real ones,
  • You do not have to remove the prosthesis from the mouth daily for oral hygiene maintenance,
  • Cheeks will not lose their appearance due to jaw reduction,
  • You will retain the sense of touch and taste in the upper jaw due to the absence of the palate plate (which is the case with a normal prosthesis).


Our offer includes plastic, metal-ceramic, and zirconium (full-ceramic) crowns and bridges.

Also, we use ceramics from various manufacturers - Ivoclar, Noritake, Ceramco, Shofu, and Vita, to make it easier to meet our patients' quality, aesthetics, and price demands.

We give an appropriate and long-term guarantee for all work.

  • Bridges made of special plastic are made in the traditional way (by boiling).
  • The shelf life is up to 2 years.
  • The shelf life of CAD CAM technology is from 2 to 4 years.
  • Metal-ceramic bridges from various manufacturers.
  • We meet the different types of requirements of our patients.
  • Metal-free ceramics:
    • Veneers,
    • Zirconium faceted bridges
    • Full zirconium bridges.


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