About Us

Dr. Siniša and Dr. Dušica Telarov, after 30 years of hard work, are now proud owners of the "Estetika" polyclinic and "Estetika Dent" specialized clinic. They completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Belgrade. The in-house team of doctors provides a wide range of services. With the support of many doctors in the family, the third generation of dentists is now a vital part of the team. After three decades of dedicated work, they have achieved their dream of building a successful family business.


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Estetika Dent

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Our team

dr Siniša Telarov

Specialist in dental prosthetics

Dr Đorđe Telarov

Dental doctor

Dr Dušica Aksić Telarov

Specialist in jaw orthopedics

Dr Tamara Radišić Ecet

Specialist in jaw orthopedics

Dr Anđelka Tatalović

Doctor of conservative dentistry

Dr Nataša Nikolić

Specialist in periodontology and oral medicine

Dr Marko Durmanović

Dental doctor