Implantology, Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are biocompatible titanium screws that replace the root of missing teeth. After 3-4 months of implantation, the implant achieves a strong connection with the bone tissue (osseointegration). Then a superstructure is screwed onto it, followed by the creation of a prosthetic work.

Why get an implant?

  • To avoid grinding neighboring teeth when missing one tooth;
  • To eliminate the need for a prosthesis and to enable the creation of prosthetic work when missing multiple teeth;
  • To prevent premature aging by preserving the alveolar ridge, preventing sagging of the bite, and collapsing of the lips;
  • In the case of total toothlessness, the possibility of obtaining a fixed work or facilitated wearing of a prosthesis (especially in the lower jaw).
Zubni Implanti

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Zubni Implanti

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Zubni Implanti

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Why at our clinic?

All services (from diagnostics to the final result of the definitive prosthetic work) are available in one place - no exhausting "walking" of the patient, as we are fully equipped to provide the patient with all services:

    • Optimal X-ray machine for jaw imaging;
    • The possibility of working in anesthesia with the presence of an anesthesiologist;
    • The possibility of augmentation (replacement) of bone using synthetic bone substitutes and membranes, as well as the latest application of PRF (patient's blood is used in a special centrifuge machine to obtain pluripotent cells with extraordinary regenerative power for lost tissue);
    • Due to an experienced team that makes this intervention simple, fast, and painless and allows you to leave the clinic with new teeth in the shortest possible time.


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