Working With Children

Pediatric Dentist - Working with Children

Our pediatric dentist devotes extra attention and time to conveying the importance of good oral health to your children.

Your child's jaw and teeth often change during the first years of development. Therefore, by bringing your child to regular dental checkups, we can detect tooth problems and treat them early.

This is a vital step towards a lifelong approach to maintaining a healthy smile and a trusting relationship. It is important that the relationship between the dentist and the patient is good to ensure continuity of care. A familiar face and environment make the visit a positive experience. What is crucial is creating a positive and trusting relationship with the child so that they are willing to cooperate. That's why our dentists devote extra time and take it to step by step until the child is ready for treatment.

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Tooth decay in baby teeth is a progressive process that leads to literal destruction of the teeth and therefore requires dental treatment just like decay in permanent teeth.
In preserving the health of baby teeth, prevention is very important. Excessive snacks full of preservatives, colors, and hydrogenated fats promote oral bacteria. Among the factors that can predispose baby teeth to decay is a lack of fluoride. Preventive therapy for caries by adding fluoride to children's diets is prescribed exclusively by a dentist or pediatrician.

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Filling and preserving baby teeth is important for "saving space" for permanent teeth and maintaining their proper alignment in the jaw.

Unfortunately, extracting a decayed baby tooth may sometimes be the only possible solution.

What our dental clinic is especially proud of is working with children. We have dedicated special attention to the youngest patients, such as sealant placement on permanent molars that appear around the age of six, using a gentle and painless method, color fillings that release fluoride, etc.

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